Nobel Prize Series & Teacher’s Summit

Image © Nobel Media. Photo: A. Mahmoud

Nobel Prize Series: Teaching and Learning

September 11-13, 2019, Delhi and Punjab, India

Education is key to the future of humankind. By making education accessible to everyone, we can make sure that no human potential goes to waste. Through education we ensure that today’s students are ready to deal with the problems of tomorrow.

Many Nobel Laureates talk about how teachers have introduced them to the world of science, literature and politics, and how mentors have played a role in their success. The Nobel Prize shows that humanity can change the world for the better – and it starts with education. Investing in education is investing in the future.

The Nobel Prize Series brought exclusive events such as the Teacher Summit, Nobel Prize Dialogue and the award winning Nobel Prize Exhibits. 

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Image © Nobel Media. Photo: A. Mahmoud

Nobel Prize Series: Teacher Summit

The Nobel Prize shows that ideas can change the world. It demonstrates how the courage, creativity and perseverance of the Nobel Laureates can affect our future and offer us a sense of hope. The Nobel Prize’s unique combination of fields – science, literature and peace – is a great inspiration to both engagement and knowledge. At the Teacher Summit, teachers met Nobel Laureates, scientists and educators to learn more about how the Nobel Prize can be an inspiration in education. 

The Nobel Laureates shared their learnings and important skills and methods in teaching. They discussed how to keep on improving education to make every student reach their top potential. 

Nobel Prize Series: Dialogue

The Nobel Prize Dialogue offered a mixed program consisting of panel discussions, key note speeches and Q&A sessions. Participating in the program were Nobel Laureates Serge Haroche (Physics 2012) and Kailash Satyarthi (Peace 2014) as well as Juleen Zierath, member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Assembly.

Nobel Prize Series Exhibit: For the Greatest Benefit of Mankind

For the Greatest Benefit to Humankind’ showed how science, literature and peace efforts are capable of improving and changing the world. The exhibition focuses on four themes that explore topics of major importance in our era: ‘Saving Lives’, ‘Feeding Humanity’, ‘Protecting the Planet’ and ‘Connecting the World’. The exhibition inspireed and motivated the next generation of humanity to innovate.