• Methodist Hospital Foundation

mhflogoThe 8th Annual NanoGagliato conference was held July 24-29, 2015 in Gagliato, Italy. NanoGagliato is a small, invitation only, research conference that gathers thought leaders and creative thinkers from around the world to form a multidisciplinary think tank focused on solving crucial problems in health care. The conference includes two days of roundtable workshops followed by two days of informal brainstorming discussions in Gagliato.

The 2015 theme was Nanoexpansions: Interfaces that drive innovation. Scientists, clinicians, communicators, artists and entrepreneurs discussed exciting advances in their fields as they relate to nanomedicine, exploring how they have affected current thinking and will alter the path of medicine in the future. Mehta Family Foundation founder and principal, Rahul Mehta, was honored to be an invited speaker at this conference.