Helping the helpers

Manav Sadhna is based at the Mahatma Gandhi’s Ashram at Sabarmati, Ahmedabad with a mission to serve socio-economically neglected segments of society in the slums of Ahmedabad. In executing this mission, Manav Sadhna is guided by Mahatma Gandhi’s unshakable beliefs in love, peace, truth, non-violence and compassion.

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In 1932, Mahatma Gandhi established the Gujrat Harijan Sevak Sangh to give impoverished children of the Valmiki (Harijan) community a value based education. The Valmiki community is generally associated with sweeping and civic sanitation duties, and often face discrimination. Under the Sangh, Padmashree Ishwarbhai Patel started an after-school residential program called the Parikshitlal Majmudar Ashramshala (hostel) at the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram in 1979. The children attend full-time government school across the street, and at the hostel, they receive food, a place to live and supplemental education.

Currently there are 105 children living at the hostel enrolled in standards one to eight. The children at the hostel are given admission, uniforms, school bags, books, notebooks and useful equipment free of cost.

The Mehta Family Foundation has supported the housing renovations for volunteers at Manav Sadhna. Manav Sadhna volunteer program welcomes folks from around the globe to join hands to sow meaningful seeds of change in the community. Manav Sadhna believes in treading the path of service with the dual forces of love and compassion. The Volunteer House provides separate facilities for men and women. Both facilities are equipped with kitchen and appliances.

Volunteers have impacted and inspired the community with their tireless efforts in education, healthcare, nutrition, community building, creative learning, mentorship and more.

Mehta Family Foundation Projects with Manav Sadhna: