• Mahatma Gandhi Girls’ Hostel

MSlogoThe Mehta Family Foundation supports the Mahatma Gandhi Girls’ Hostel.

Mahatma Gandhi established the Gujrat Harijan Sevak Sangh in 1932 to give impoverished children a value based education. Under this organization, Padmashree Ishwarbhai Patel started the Parikshitlal Majmudar Ashramshala in the Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram in 1979. This was one of his first efforts to educate the neglected and downtrodden sector of society. Manav Sadhna has been supporting and strengthening this hostel since 1989. From its onset, the Ashramshala hostel has aimed to improve the lives of children, mainly from the Valmiki community, through value base education and life skills.

Currently there are 105 children living at the hostel who are enrolled at Mahatma Gandhi Ashram Primary School in standards one to eight. The Mehta Family Foundation has provided a number of structural repairs to the school, numerous improvements to the rooms and infrastructure, and recently installed solar hot water.

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Solar Hot Water Installed at Girls’ Hostel