MFF Distinguished Lecture Series

The Mehta Family Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series for Academic and Research Excellence in India

MFF Distinguished Lecture Series

The Mehta Family Foundation Distinguished Lecture Series is a program that brings faculty and subject matter experts outside India to deliver talks, seminars, and short workshops at Indian institutions.

1      What is it?

The Mehta Family Foundation’s vision is to create access in India to global top thinkers, researchers, and teachers.  The program aim is to inspire, teach, and mentor those who will lead India’s educational and research capabilities into the future  by creating continuous and bidirectional flow of ideas.

2      What does it do?

The Foundation quarterly puts together a slate of one or two thought leaders in a specific field.  The team travels to selected institutes and organizations.  At the organization the team:

  • Delivers a public lecture related to the field,
  • Conducts an open colloquium at the undergraduate level,
  • Conducts a colloquium for graduates, faculty, and researchers,
  • Has scheduled meetings with individuals for one on one discussions, and
  • Teaches one required classroom session within the specific field.

The hosting institute may organize these activities around existing classes or programs.

3      What locations?

The “Distinguished Lecture Tour” is held at institutes that have signed up and agreed to host the lecture and colloquium.  These locations are pre-selected by the Foundation generally based on the topic and interest at those institutes.

An organization may request to host the event.  They must have the resources, audience, and relevant faculty in the subject area.  The Foundation will determine and work with the selected organizations hosting a tour stop.

4       What topics?

The topics covered in the “Distinguished Lecture Tour” are determined by the education and leadership needs of India.  These topics range from engineering, science, social studies, health, and biology.  Other topics are selected and announced as they are finalized.

5      Any Questions?

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about the program.  Please get in touch with us via email or the website.  Hope to see you there.

MFF Distinguished Lecture Series

If you are an Indian Institution interested in creating a Mehta Family Foundation Lecture Series at your institution, please contact us.