The Mehta Family Foundation invites faculty from universities outside India to join us in bringing the newest technology, academic expertise, and research excellence into the Indian higher education system. To bring this vision to fruition, the Foundation supports several initiatives:


The “Mehta Family Foundation Collaborative for Academic and Research Excellent in India”, (MFF CARE-India) brings together a group of thought leaders experienced in building academic programs and research teams.  The team will assist with building curriculum, recruiting new faculty, advising on research direction, and mentoring scientists.  Click here for more information.

MFF Distinguished Lecture Series

The “MFF Distinguished Lecture Series” brings faculty and subject matter experts from outside India to Indian institutions for delivering talks, seminars, and short workshops.  The program aims to inspire, teach, and mentor faculty and students.  Click here for more information.

MFF Ideation Lab

The “MFF Ideation Lab” conducts a five-day residential ideation workshop for about 25 to 30 interdisciplinary researchers.  The objective of this workshop is to generate multi-institution, radically innovative, cross-disciplinary research proposals.  Participants will be immersed in a creative free-thinking team environment using a collaborative process directed to a specific problem set.